NCLEX Practice Exams in LearningExpress Library

learning ex lib logoSeniors are getting ready to graduate and prepare for the next step in their nursing careers … taking the NCLEX exam. There is an online resource that can help you prep: LearningExpress Library. LearningExpress Library is an interactive online learning platform of practice tests designed to help students and adult learners succeed on academic or licensing tests. LearningExpress Library includes three NCLEX-RN practice tests, a Flash Review, and one “Power Practice”, which includes “two full-length practice exams based on the official test, with detailed answer explanations for each answer choice”.

You will need to register for an account (it’s free) within Learning Express Library, so the system can track your progress. Create an account by clicking the “Login” link in the top right corner of the webpage.

LearningExpress Library! login


To find LearningExpress Library, go to the Nursing homepage then open the “Scholarly Articles and Databases” link. Scroll down and click the “NCLEX Resources” link and Learning Express Library is the next option. Click on the “Nursing and Allied Health” link, then the “Licensure and Certification Test Preparation” link. The tests are listed alphabetically, so scroll down until you see the NCLEX options.

LearningExpress Library NCLEX


Don’t forget to check the library catalog for print NCLEX study materials!

Good Luck … and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.