Nursing eBooks / textbooks available!

How to Read A Paper coverNursing and medical books can be fairly expensive, as you well know. For that reason, I try to purchase a copy of each classes’ required textbooks. These books are put on reserve, which means they cannot leave the library. I do this so many students can get a chance to use the books.

Additionally, whenever I order books for the nursing programs, my preference is to purchase electronic copies. Many UDM nursing students are rarely, if ever, on campus. It makes sense to have books available online rather than languishing in the confines of the library.

The simplest method for finding eBooks is to search for the title of the book in the catalog. Once you have found the book you want in the catalog, click on either the blue “GO” button:    Go Button

or click the linked phrase: “Click here to view ebook.

Click here to view eBook

If you have any questions about finding and using library resources, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jill Turner, Nursing Library Liaison