The State of Obesity



The State of Obesity is a report from the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It provides annual stats on the obesity epidemic in America. When the project commenced 11 years ago, it highlighted prevention and reversal strategies.

According to the latest numbers that were publicized in September 2014: 34.9% of Americans are considered obese. 68.5% are overweight or obese.


Here are a few fast facts from the 2013 report:

  • the 10 states with the highest obesity rates are in the South and Midwest
  • 20 states have adult obesity rates of 30% or higher
  • nearly 40% of adult Americans age 40-59 are obese
  • 82% of Black women are overweight or obese
  • Michigan ranks 11th in the nation, with 31.5% of obese adults

The data indicates that obesity rates appear to be stabilizing for both adult and children, although the rates remain high.

Check out the website, it has lots of graphics as well as state-specific information, and a link to the full report.