ZDoggMD: The Rappin’ Physician

smileyIf you ever need a quick dose of humor, check out ZDoggMD’s YouTube channel. ZDoggMD is medicine’s own Weird Al Yankovic in a sense.  ZDogg takes well known songs and puts his own medical spin on them. Not only is ZDoggMD hilarious, but he has a message … and makes excellent points. Examples include such hits as Readmission (R. Kelly “Ignition” remix); My Name is Zika (My Name is Luka remix);  I Try (To Be a Nurse) (Macy Gray remix) and many more.

In addition to his healthcare rap parodies and satirical music videos, ZDogg also includes sketch videos such as Dr. House of Cards: Episode 3: Dr. Oz gets servedDiarrhea: The Musical; Doc Vader: Episode II: The Clone Wards. And his ZVlogg which includes short commentaries about various subjects like vaccinations in his I Was Wrong About Vaccines video and Nurses UNITE where he discusses staffing and teamwork.

Check it out!