Underserved Health Communities Project with Interactive Map

Underserved map   The Greater Midwest Region of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine has launched its Underserved Health Communities Project. The project aims to educate people about “factors and behaviors which contribute to a community’s underserved health status; provide for discovery and interaction “with health data and information resources”; and offer “education and outreach awards “to increase health literacy in an underserved area.”

The project website offers an “an interactive map showing data and stories related to twenty medically underserved counties within the Greater Midwest Region. The project includes an interactive map that highlights these twenty counties with the highest risk for health factors and behaviors according to the 2016 County Health Rankings and Roadmaps (link is external).”

One of the counties highlighted in the project is Wayne County, Michigan. The county “stories” include information on health indicators such as location, population make-up, economy, and education. Another tab breaks down the medically underserved areas. The Resources tab provides links to needs assessments and reports among other information.