Vaccines Website

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate has been a topic of controversy for awhile now. California has experienced a measles outbreak every year for the past 3 years. Public health officials in Michigan are concerned about outbreaks here as well. The Michigan DHHS began an advertising campaign encouraging parents to have their children vaccinated. According to the announcement, MI ranks 43rd in the US for vaccination currency with only 54% of kids fully up to date on their vaccinations.

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia have created an education resource (website) entitled History of Vaccines. The site is intended for “parents who are making vaccination decisions for their children; secondary school and university students in biology, health, and history classes; and those among the general public who want to know more about vaccines and their history.”

The site includes more than just history however. There are links to activities explaining types of vaccines, how they work, how they are made, and much more. There are resources parents can consult such as Misconceptions about Vaccination and Top 20 Questions about Vaccination. There are scholarly articles about “vaccine science” as well as an historical timeline depicting the history of vaccines. Overall, it is an interesting (and award winning) authoritative website created and maintained by medical professionals.