JANE – Journal/Author, Name Estimator

JnlsHave a manuscript that is just about ready for publication? Not sure which journal is the best fit? Do you need to find peer reviewers? The Journal/Author Name Estimator (JANE) might be of use to you! JANE can recommend journal titles based on the words used in your abstract or the title of your manuscript. It is simple to use. Copy your title or abstract and paste it into the JANE search box. Choose “Find Journals”, and JANE will provide a list of journal titles that might be good candidates in which to publish. JANE can also be used to find authors who have published papers in the same research area. Simply choose the Find Authors button after pasting your information into the search box.

How does it work? JANE takes your input, analyzes the text, then find 50 of the most similar articles based on the wording used. Each article receives a score based on its similarity to the original input. The software then adds the scores from the same journals or authors to obtain a combined score. These combined scores are then ranked accordingly, and the software lets the user know which journal / author is the most similar.

JANE pulls from all the journals in Medline that have had at least one entry within the last year. Only articles with an abstract and that have been published within the last ten years are utilized. The JANE team updates the data on a monthly basis. For more information, see the JANE FAQ’s.